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Top Ten Opportunities

Review the top ten business opportunities in this page.

Regardless is what opportunity you decide to follow, it is important that you build a business plan. If you are going to work online, you need an internet business plan. That is a business plan that is laid out for web sales. It is a special form of plan. You are invited to start by reading this information. Internet Business Planning Guide.

Yahoo Shopping Network

Millions of shoppers go to the Yahoo Shopping Network each day. If you have an ecommerce store in that network, the job of marketing, which by the way is the job, if not properly done, that leads to the failure of many online businesses, is done for you. All that you really have to do is get a good product in the right niche. You can see how that is done here. What Product Should I Sell.

eBay Affiliate

According to eBay, their top affiliates make over $100,000 per month. And you have the opportunity to join their affiliate program free to try to do the same thing. Here is a link to how people use eBay to make the money that eBay says its affiliates are making. eBay Affiliate Program


Amazon has made many internet millionaires. And it continues to do so. They are easy to set up. This link will take you through the process. Build Amazon Store

Wholesale Distribution

This is a lucrative opportunity for someone who is comfortable with direct, one on one sales. You can start this one without inventory.

Multiple Streams Of Income

The creation of multiple streams of income is a technique used by many very successful marketers. They use incredibly inexpensive web sites that focus on single topics to get good search engine postion.


Publishing On Amazon Kindle

This is a goldmine. You can even sell short papers for $.99 and get eyeballs to your sites and products.

Video Marketing

A fast way to drive traffic to a money site. Properly done, you can get to the top of the search engines very quickly.


Online matchmaking is a huge business. And it is easy to get into. Check this link to see how easy it is to get started and how much money you can make.

Article Marketing

This is perhaps the most used free advertising method for selling something. The more you write, the more you sell.