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This page lists the major Trade Chambers and Chambers of Commerce related to Poland. There are others. But this list provides information that should help most businesses.

Note that unless otherwise noted these Chambers of Commerce and Trade Chambers are independent of the Polish Government. Some are private business organizations independent of their home countries and registed as businesses in Poland.

To the left are links to Trade Chambers, Business Groups and Chambers of Commerce in Poland.

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The Chambers of Commerce listed are generally organizations that are focused on serving businesses from countries other than Poland. Some are government related and some are private. All, however, promote their home country in Poland. Some require you to be a member to use their services.

To assure that you have the latest information about what services you can get, contact the listed organizations directly.





Poland Import Export Chamber Of Commerce On Line

American Chamber of Commerce in Poland

Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Poland

Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce

Polish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce

Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce

Italian Institute of Foreign Trade

Polish Trade Chambers And Chambers Of Commerce

Polish National Chamber of Commerce


And do note that if you are intent on exporting to Poland, it will do you well to join the Chamber related to your home country.

If there is no Chamber listed, your country's embassy should be able to help you. Here is a link to a listing of Embassies in Poland.

If you know of another Chamber of Commerce in Poland, or a Chamber of commerce related to Poland that you think should be listed here, please contact us and give us the relevant information.

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