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Poland is the organizer of many renowned trade events. The most important trade centers drawing the greatest number of visitors are located in Poznan, Kielce and Warsaw.

Poznan International Fair is the best known Poland’s exposition center and the third largest fairs organizer in Central and Eastern Europe.

The events organized in Poznan are very often of international character and well known throughout the world.

Each year more than 60 trading events organized within the scope of Poznan trade fairs are attended by more than 12 thousand exhibitors, including approximately 3 thousand foreign firms from 60 countries. The annual attendance at these trade fairs is near 400,000.

The second in size and importance is the trade center in Kielce.

Warsaw, as the capital, is also an important trade center. Besides annual trade events it also hosts the majority of international congresses and meetings of various industries.

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