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How To Use Skype Effectively

If you are in business, considering going into business - especially if you want to talk to people outside your country, you should at least have free Skype. Get it here. Skype

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There is a lot more to Skype than meets the eye. In this page is the information that you need to use Skype effectively. If you use Skype to your full benefit, you will find that you not only can save a lot of money, you will have flexibility not available with a standard land line or mobile phone.

Equipment Required

You need a microphone and speaker. You can use the microphone and speaker on your computer, a headset, a handset, a web camera, or a cordless phone or a combination thereof. Here is a link to the Skype page that shows many pieces that you can use. Skype Accessories

A simple set of earplugs that you can carry in your pocket used with your computer microphone is a very simple and inexpensive setup.


Handsets versus Headsets

Using a headset is a turnoff to many people. You can use a USB handset in place of a headset.

USB handsets are cheap and easy to use. Just plug it into your computer USB port and you can talk on skype like you do on any other phone.

You will find that if you use a handset, you, as well as your employees, are more likely to use Skype. In short, USB handsets will pay for themselves very quickly.


Free Skype Calls

Simple to set up and simple to use, use it for business and personal calls. Just download the program and install.

If you have never used Skype, test it with a headset. If you have the earphones from a player that fit your computer, you can use them instead of a headset to listen. Speak through your computer's microphone.


There Is A Lot More To Skype

Using the Skype page to understand it is, at best, difficult. You almost have to know what you want to find in order to find it. Below are discussions of how to use the various Skype upgrades.

Knowing how to use these upgrades can save you a lot of money.

Skype Price Summary

This price summary is provided to give you a basis for comparison to your current costs.

One this that this price summary does not show is the time value of a transportable system and opportunity value for business development and customer service.

Each of these services is explained below.

Skype-to-Skype calls FREE
Video calls FREE
Skype-to-Skype conference calls FREE
Instant messaging and group IMs FREE
Make calls to landlines and mobiles Pre-pay from $ 0.021/min
Pay Monthly from $1.09/month
Receive calls from landlines and mobiles From $ 18 - 3 months
Save 50% with a subscription
Send SMS messages From $ 0,047
Skype To Go number Free with any purchase
Voicemail From $ 6 - 3 months
Or included with any unlimited subscription2
Forward calls to landlines and mobiles From $ 0.021/min1
Save with a subscription
Access Skype via WiFi hotspots From $ 0.19/min

Skype Credit

You can use most of these services on a pay as you go basis. This is done by buying a Skype Credit. The minimum buy is about $6. There is no time limit on it. Just use it as you need it. Read Details About Skype Credit Here skype4

It will save you money just by allowing you to use Skype for SMS and at commercial WIFI hotspots. (These are explained below.)

You buy a Skype Credit by clicking on the link here. Buy Skype Credit skype5

Local Phone Number

Set up a local phone number for your business. Known as a Skype In phone number, the monthly fees are low. Skype In Is Here.

You can use call forwarding so that you can take calls on your mobile phone.

If nothing else, set up one for Night, Weekend And Holiday calls. Have calls forwarded to your mobile phone. Either answer or use you mobile phone voicemail system. In any case, don't lose customers just because you were not in the office.

And because of the nature of Skype, you can answer from anywhere that you have your computer or mobile phone. So that means you can answer while you travel, are on vacation, or at home as well as the office. And you do not have to have your computer with you.

Local phone number costs about $6 per month. You get a big discount if you buy a longer term subscription.

Calls To Non Skype Users Or, In Other Words, Calls To Landlines and Mobile Phones

Call people who do not use Skype.

You can save a lot of money using Skype to make all your phone calls. You can call landlines as well as mobile phones.

You can use a pay as you go routine or you can sign up for unlimited calls for calls within your region or unlimited calls to countries all over the world. So for example, you can get unlimited call choices to call all US phones, all phones in Europe or all phones in the world. And you can choose unlimited for a particular country.

Calls start at about 2.1 cents US per minute for pay as you go. And they get cheaper when you use the monthly call options. Detailed information and all rates are at Skype Unlimited Calls

Skype To Go

Free with anything you subscribe to, it allows you to use your mobile or any landline to call a special Skype access number. Once you connect you can use your Skype account to make calls. You pay the costs of the landline call to the Skype access number plus the normal Skype call fee.

It means that you can use Skype without having to have your computer with you.

It means that you can save a lot of money making international calls from your mobile or any other phone, no matter where you are.

You make a call to your local Skype To Go Number. You pay the regular local charge for this call. You get a voice menu from which you can choose speed dial numbers or choose to enter another number. This call is forwarded by Skype directly to your friend abroad. Skype contacts are free but mobile and landlines are charged at Skype Rates. Your friend receives a regular call.

So, for example, to call from a mobile phone in Poland, you pay the mobile charge for a call to Poland and the regular Skype fee for the international call. That is much cheaper than an international call on the mobile.


Remote Or Business Developement Phone Number

Set up a phone number in a foreign country or other distant location so that people can make a local call to you instead of calling long distance.

By way of example, we work from Warsaw, Poland. We have a phone number 508 47 4462 that is a local number for Webster, Massachusetts, USA. Anyone can call that phone number and pay only the telephone charges to Webster, Massachusetts.

When they call that number, the phone rings on my computer wherever it is - in Warsaw or any other place in the world. And if I choose, I can have the call forwarded to another phone - including my mobile.

The caller does not know your location. They pay only the charges to the number. Skype does all the call routing to find you.


Voicemail comes with any of the subscriptions or you can buy it separately.

It has a convenient feature that allows you to have a message sent by email or to your mobil phone which message tells you that you have a new voicemail.


Not only is it cheaper to use Skype, it is a lot easier to type the SMS message rather than to fumble with your telephone.

To send SMS all that you have to do is have a skype credit. You buy that as you need it.

Airports And Hot Spots- Skype Access

When you’re on your travels, connecting to WiFi hotspots can be pain as well as expensive. Skype allows you to avoid fiddling with your credit card, inserting numbers, etc. . With Skype you simply pay-per-minute for the time you need. So if you want to write a few sms or instant messages and it takes a couple minutes to do that, you only pay for that couple minutes and avoid the minimum charges of the hotspot service.

Skype Access has no contract or monthly fees, nor any membership sign up process. You simply pay a flat fee of €0.14 per minute

Call Forwarding


Calls get forwarded from Skype to your landline or mobile phone. Calls are forwarded at the regular skype rates.

This feature allows you to take your Skype calls without being at your computer. So you can travel and get all those calls that would have remained unanswered in your office.

By way of example, if you have a Business Development Number in another country, a local number in your office and your regular free Skype number, all of those can be forwarded to your mobile phone.


Recommendations For Skype Use

Phase One

Download Free Skype

It is simple to download and simple to install. And it is free. If nothing else, use it for the international instant messaging feature. Download from Skype Download


Use Skype For SMS

You will probably find it much easier to use than fumbling with a mobile phone. And that is likely to save you money because you are more likely to make an easy sms message than to make an expensive mobile phone call.

Using Skype SMS will cost you about $6 to get your Skype Credit. With a credit in place you can use SMS immediately. And as you see below, you can do a lot more. Buy Skype Credit skype


Use Skype To Call Landlines And Mobile Phones

Since you have a Skype Credit for SMS, you can just call a phone using this same credit. Just login to your Skype account and use the Call Phones button. SKYPE CREDIT






Add Your Skype To Go Number

All you have to do is set it up. It also works against your Skype Credit SKYPE CREDIT


Phase Two

Consider Monthly Subscriptions

Depending on the amount of calling that you do, consider the monthly unlimtied calling options. Skype Unlimited Calls



Add A Local Number

This is a cheap way to add another phone number at Skype In

If nothing else, add an After Hours, Weekend And Holidays Number that people can call. Add call forwarding to that number and have it forwarded to your mobile phone. Then either answer or allow your mobile phone's voicemail take the message.

Add Business Development Numbers

This is especially important if you are doing business internationally. Put a number in any country or region from which you want customers. It will encourage them to call when they can call a number in their own country or region. Add them at Skype In