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Using Skype In Business

It makes no matter what business you run or how you sell, using Skype in business makes sense. Customers expect to see a business phone number on your web site.

Business Phone

People want to communicate. They want to ask questions. They want to make themselves comfortable.

They want to talk to a customer service representative.

If you do not answer your phone, they want to be able to leave a voice mail easily and have you call them back.

They prefer you to have a free or local phone number for them to call.

They do not want to call a family phone and talk to a spouse or children.

If they get a an answering machine, they want it to use the name of your company with a business message.

You can do all that with Skype.

It is very low cost, it is efficient and it has many services that you can use to help your business grow.

You can have a separate dedicated telephone number for your business within a half hour.

We use Skype , Skype In, Skype Out

Since we installed Skype the number of people calling us has jumped dramatically. And I mean dramatically. Sales have jumped along with the call increase.

It makes people more comfortable when they know they can call.

Test it for yourself. See just how it works and why we use it and recommend it.

To call us in Warsaw, Poland, just call our number in Massachusetts. You pay only for the call to Massachusetts and not for an international call.

Test it. Our number is 508 471 4462. We are in Warsaw, so remember there is a time difference. But no matter, you can leave a message on our answering machine and we will get back to you.

If you have the free skype, you can talk to us free or start a chat. Our ID is polcham .

We do hope that this using Skype in Business page has helped.

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