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Visiting Warsaw

Tips and hints for visiting Warsaw to get the most out of your trip.

Warsaw has a lot to offer. In fact, it can overwhelm you. And unless you take some time preparing for your visit to this dynamic city, you can miss a lot. So before visiting Warsaw, do take the time to do your homework.


The city is dominated by the Palace of Culture, which actually defines the City Center. If you take the time to go to the top of the Palace you will be treated to a fantastic view. But since you are not here yet, here is a montage of video clips taken from the top, in high wind with the camera held in one hand outside the safety screen. The video will open in a new window so that you do not lose this page. Click on Warsaw Panorama.

Part of your trip planning should include knowing how to choose a hotel in Warsaw. Here is information on that topic. Choosing Hotels In Warsaw

You visit to Warsaw starts with your arrival. Here is a link to a page that discusses things that should concern you. Arrival Warsaw.

The City has a long and interesting history. There is a lot to see.

Visiting Warsaw also means shopping, eating and having a good time. To help you plan those activities, there are three more sections to which we refer you. Shopping.

We do hope that this page about visiting Warsaw has helped.

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