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Warsaw National Stadium

About and how to get to the Warsaw National Stadium.

warsaw national stadium
Warsaw National Stadium

The video below shows you a view of the Stadium from the Warsaw Centrum side of the Wisla River. The video also shows you the bridges across the Wisla that you use to get to it.

It is located in Praga and is the center of a sports complex that has a swimming pool, indoor sports arena and conference center along with a hotel.

Stadium capacity is 55,000 .

The most often asked information relates to gettting to and from the stadium and where to stay in Warsaw. Each of these links will better help you in using the services of the Warsaw National Stadium.

Here is information about the Warsaw Commuter Train System.

Here is information about Trams in Warsaw.

Here is information about Buses in Warsw.




Here is a video of the Stadium and how to get to it from the Warsaw Centrum.

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