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Warsaw Panorama

This page contains a video that gives you a panorama of Warsaw made from the top of the Palace of Culture.

Warsaw is a dynamic city completely rebuilt after the second World War. The panoramic view of the city that you find beow was taken from the top of the Palace Of Culture in the Warsaw Centrum.


Once upon a time, before the recent boom in construction of big buildings in the Centrum, there was a saying that the only place in Warsaw from which you could not see the Palace of Culture was from its top.

At the same time, there is little in Warsaw that you can't see from the top.

So we made a panorama of Warsaw for you from right there.

On the day we made it, the wind was high, but less than normal. So the cameral bounces a bit. Just stop the video here and there to look at particular screens.

And here is a link to information about the Warsaw Centrum.

If you can't see this video or want to go to full screen, here is a link to the same video on YouTube. Warsaw Panorama

Note that in this panorama of Warsaw you see some buildings that stand much higher than the others. These are new hotels and office buildings. For many years, the City Government has been planning to errect similar towers around the Palace of Culture for two basic reasons. One to hide it and secondly to use the vast amount of prime land around it.

Do link to this page as much as a historical record of Warsaw as well as for the good information in it.


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