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Warsaw West Bus Station

About and how to safely use the Warsaw West Bus Station.

warsaw west bus station

The station is located about 8 km, or about 5 miles, outside of the center of Warsaw.

It can easily be reached by taxicab or local commuter bus. If you are traveling with luggage, it is probably best to take a taxi cab or use a shuttle service - particularly if you're coming from the airport.

Information about taxi cabs and shuttle services can be found through each of these links.

The taxicab costs are minimal and your transfer from one point to the other probably easiest - as long as you choose the right taxicab.

Once again we recommend strongly that you read the supporting information in the links above so that you don't get burned on price.



The West train station is actually across the tracks that you can see from the bus station. But since many people come to the bus station to get to the train stationf there are tunnels through which you can walk and easily get to the platforms add to the ticketing areas for the trains.

You can buy bus tickets online and at the station itself. Here is a link to online ticketing options for all transportation in Poland. When you go to the online ticket section you can also find out where the buses connect to around the country. Online Ticketing Options

We always advise people that it is best to use a travel agent for many reasons - one of which is that the travel agent can more easily do ticketing for you. Here is information about why we say you should use a travel agent.



The video to the left should give you a good idea of what the station is about and how you can navigate it.

As we tell all travelers, when traveling in Europe, it is best to read our travel safety hints before you venture forthwherever you are.







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