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Unikat Polish Design watches are available through Wholesale Products Poland.

pocket watch

They are high quality and come with a two year replacement guarantee.

These watches offer you a unique low investment opportunity in a high quality, fast moving product. Using either mechanical or quartz movements they can be customized to be sold as company gifts, location and event souveniers as well as general mens' and womens' gift items.

The watches shown here are some of the most popular sellers. As far as watches and jewelry go, they are fast moving goods. (The complete inventory line available is at Unikat Watches )

The watches below are mechanical movement skeleton watches. A skelton watch is one with the watch internals visible through the front or back. As indicated above, they are some of the most popular sellers so they have been chosen to be shown here.

If you wish price lists and a catalog of other pocket watches that are available, send a request via our free information service that is at Free Information Service.


Watches offer you many niche business opportunities and are a good product for someone to sell on a part time basis as a home business. See Watch Business Opportunities.

A marketing package is included with the sample pack. Details about the sample pack are at Watch Samples