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Ways To Make Money On The Web

This report answers the question “Are There Any Real Internet Jobs?” and variants of it such as, “Is there a legitimate way to make money on the internet?”,  “Are there any internet jobs that are not scams?", and so on is one of the most often asked questions that come from people wanting to earn money on the internet.

The report contaions a list of common ways to make money on the Internet.

The report covers each of these with comments about each and provides references to important source materials, systems and products related to each.

Use this report to find the type business that suits you best and to avoid the scams that are out there.


Drop Shipping

Making money on the Internet is all about drop shipping. So before you start looking at any particular business you should look at drop shipping and understand how you can apply drop shipping to the businesses that you choose.

A good understanding of drop shipping will allow you to get into the business with an extremely low investment and will allow you to set up a business that you can fully automate.

This chapter will show you the basics and once you understand the basics you will be able to distinguish between good businesses and bad businesses.

This is an extremely important and anyone contemplating doing business on the Internet should understand drop shipping fully.

  • Drop shipping with your own e-commerce store.
  • Drop ship products on eBay.
  • Drop ship products as an eBay affiliate.
  • Drop ship books.
  • Drop ship digital books.
  • Drop ship CD-ROMs.
  • Drop ship using Amazon store.
  • Using local businesses as drop ship suppliers.




Once you understand drop shipping you will understand how almost 800,000 people make a full-time living on eBay. Not only do they make a full-time living but they do it using automatic systems that drop ship the products without them doing anything other than monitoring their business a couple hours a week.

This section covers the most often uses on eBay by those who make a full-time living on eBay.

If they can do it you can do it. All you have to do is learn what they are doing and modify what they are doing to your own product and circumstances.

  • eBay classifieds
  • eBay affiliate
  • eBay power seller
  • eBay craigslist arbitrage
  • Ticket sales on eBay
  • Car sales on eBay
  • Real estate sales on eBay



Setting up a blog and selling on eBay are two things that everyone starting in business should understand. And not only should they understand it, if they advance to other forms of businesses they will still need a blog and eBay for promotion.

You can set up a blog free and you can use a blog for your website. It is an extremely easy way to make money.

Savvy Internet marketers use of phrase "blogging to the bank" for good reason.

This section will show you how you can blog to the bank.

  • Adsense
  • Product sales
  • Affiliate sales


Social And Dating

Understanding the social and dating business on the Internet is understanding how people make fortunes in this market segment.

Everything that is listed here is part of the daily life. It is all around you and people make fortunes in this business.

If people did not want it, it would not be promoted.

  • Dating
  • Adult dating
  • Porn
  • Adult chat hostess
  • Adult movies
  • Your Own Movies


Selling For Others

You do not have to have your own product or get involved in special programs that require you to make an investment in order to start a business or make money on the Internet.

There are companies in your neighborhood, your city and all around you who need help selling their products.

Many have found that is is an extremely lucrative way to make money. And it is extremely low risk.

For the most part this merely requires time and organization. This section helps you understand how it is done.

  • Affiliate programs
  • Local Marketing Consultant
  • Business Agent
  • Trade Assistant
  • Resale rights


Selling Your Talents


Every one of us is smart in a given area. And everyone of us has the ability to contribute to society somehow. You can use your ability to make money on the Internet.

People want information and they want unique products. In fact, selling information is one of the best ways to make money on the Internet.

This section gives you proven techniques that I use by many people to make a full-time living on the Internet.

  • Your own product
  • Expert and Advisor
  • Yahoo Answers
  • Copy writing
  • Writing your own eBook
  • Your Own Ghost Written eBook
  • Using affiliates to sell your products, ebooks and ghost written ebooks.
  • Selling your photographs
  • Graphics design
  • Freelance services
  • Local news service
  • Article writing
  • Reviews


Video And Social Networks

This is so simple, and so inexpensive to do, that the Web gurus promoting businesses on the Internet ignore it because they can't make money by promoting it.

You can do it very easily. And they very little to set up.

  • YouTube marketing
  • Twitter


Significant Methodology


This section is a bit of a version since it does not talk about specific businesses but talks about some of the methodology that people use to make a lot of money.

This section is a little bit more advanced but once you have gone through all the material above, you will see how important it is.

It is included here so that you understand how simple it can be to create a significant income by aggregating multiple small streams of income.

This is very important because as markets change so will your income in a particular market my diverse and by and creating small streams of income the loss of anyone market will not affect you.

  • Five Dollar Formula
  • Mini Network
  • Membership site
  • Mini site

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