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Web Host Definition

What is a web host and how do you use it.

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A web host is the company that allows you to put the information related to your website on their servers, or computer, so that your website can be seen on the Internet.

In short, they host your website on their computer, which is called a server in that it serves information to the Internet.

you, of course, must pay for the service. And the cost of the service varies.

Most Web marketers use what are called budget hosts. They are called budget hosts because they are very inexpensive.

Beyond that, there are upgrades and additional services.

Such name brands as Yahoo have some services that provide more than basic Web hosting. For example they have what they call Yahoo Small Business merchant services and they can provide you with a full online support package. And that package has back office support that even includes a free built-in affiliate program.



As an added benefit when you use the Yahoo merchant services you can go into the Yahoo shopping network.

But as stated above, most marketers use budget accounts. That is because they make simple websites and sell products such as those available via the Amazon affiliate program. Information about how they do that is that this link. Amazon Store

Before you make a choice, you should compare both types of services. And there are many companies that you can use so you can spend a lot of time making comparisons.

Here are some convenient links for your reference. Web Host Reviews

even though it is a little bit off-topic, at this point if you were searching for the definition of a Web host, you are probably looking to set up a website and to go into business on the Internet.

We recommend very strongly that you consider using an Amazon store with WordPress system for your content management of your website. It is extremely inexpensive in a good way to start.

Too many people go down the wrong path by choosing its been some web hosts and setting up online stores before they are really prepared and before they've done all their research. Go back to the top of the page and click on the image to the right to learn about Amazon stores.