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Web Presence Definition

Defining Your Company On The Web

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In any business environment, image is all important. It defines who you are and what you do. And it establishes your credibility.

And when dealing on the web, it is no different. You have to define yourself and your company.

What are the essentials of web presence definition? They are establishing your company under a registered domain name, setting up a basic web site or blog and creating email addresses that use your registered domain name.

It fixes your location. It defines your image.

You have certain advantages in the definition process on the web as compared to off line.

To establish yourself in an off line shop you have to find a place to rent, then furnish it, put up your signs, get business cards, get your phone number in the yellow pages and a lot more. That gets expensive.

On the web, you subscribe for a web hosting service, get a free domain (internet company name) and company email address that uses your internet company name. And you quickly set up a simple company blog that serves as your company web site.

In a couple hours you have a definite and fixed place on the internet and look professional.



Plus, AND A BIG PLUS AT THAT, you can use an email address that you control and that delivers to you all your email. See Email Filtered

Step By Step How To Define Your Company And Set Your Image

Search For A Company Name That You Can Use

Here are some links that give you tips, hints and how to do it. Company Name

Get A Web Host

If you choose right, this will cost you under $10 per month. For that you get your internet company name, all the email accounts that you want, a free blog, and a lot, lot more. Here is one we use Lunar and here is a list of more. Web Host Reviews.

In short, your monthly rent to be established on the web is less than $10 per month.

And that is all that it takes to start a money making business on the web! For example, see The Amazon Formula

Set Your Email Accounts

In your web host control panel go to email accounts. Set up several email accounts. For example .

Then set up a throw away email account called . Use it to subscribe to various services. It is likely to draw spam. When spam gets heavy, delete the account and re-subscribe to those services that you still want using a new account called . And so on.

Set Up A Blog

In your control panel you go to the fantastico or simple scripts button and choose wordpress. You follow the instructions and after a couple clicks of the mouse you have a blog.

You can do this without needing a web consultant or designer. It only takes a few clicks of a mouse to have the blog installed. After that it is a matter of making it look like you want it to look.

Here are links that show you more on how to set up your blog and how to do it. How To Set Up A Blog

Add some content that tells who you are and what you do.

Later you may want a web site. The blog will be use to support your promotion efforts.

Why Is Web Presence Definition So Important?

You are less likely to be ignored. See Look Professional Or Be Ignored

Suppliers will take you more seriously.

Business email will be more reliably delivered to you.