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What is a domain?

You will learn in this web page what a domain name this. You will get first a full explanation of a domain name in nontechnical terms presented in such a fashion that it is understandable for someone who has no background in computers or the Internet.

You will also learn why it is important that you should have a domain if you are in business. You will learn how to get a domain name free and you will learn how to register a domain as part of your business activities.

You will get a working knowledge of what a domain in this so that you can't communicate comfortably with the person who is maintaining your website and doing your website hosting.

You will get recommendations as to how and where you can register your domain. You will learn what the comparative costs of registering a domain are.


What is a domain To You?

A domain is nothing more than a permanent address for you on the Internet.

A domain is your name. It is a name that you choose.

You'll allow people to find your domain on the Internet by housing your domain at an Internet hosting service.

Your domain would look like this

You would choose the name that go before the section .com

Domain names also come in the form of and some domain names also have country identifiers. By domain with a country identifier would look like


Why is a domain important to you?

Your domain is your company image. Your domain is your company brand. People will learn the name of your company domain and will tie with directly into the web browser window when they want to contact you.

Your domain is permanent and you can move it from website to website host without affecting any thing that you have done on the web. This compares to you have a website on a free host with an address that will become invalid as soon as you move to a new host.

Your domain also allows you to have a permanent e-mail address that you can move to different website hosts.

Your domain allows you to control the receipt of your e-mail. If you use a public the available domain much of the e-mail that is sent to you, you will never receive. When you are working in a business situation in it is essential that you have total control over your business communications. You can lose many orders and you can have difficulties in getting price quotations sent to you by suppliers.


How do you get a domain?

The best way to get a domain is to get a permanent domain by registering with one of the authorized domain registries. The cost to register a domain is about $35 per year. Sometimes people will charge you a little more as a service charge to set the domain up for you.

Some people will provide you with a domain name as part of the registration with their website hosting service.

The first thing that you do is check to see if the name that you want to use for your domain is available. You go to a domain name registry page and enter the name of your company in the search box and see if the name is available. if you find a name that suits your needs, once you registering it that name is yours for life as long as you pay the annual fee of about $35.

You can also go to a website host to will provide you a domain name registration service. They do this in order to entice you to subscribe to their web site hosting service. Since you will eventually need a website hosting service this is very convenient for you.


The importance of your domain and company image

You can never make a second first impression. One of the first indications of fraud on the Internet is to get a message from someone who uses a free e-mail service. If you send email like this you immediately raise red flags! (And if you get email like this, the flags should go up for you. Fraud is highly likely and you must be extra careful about being taken.)

If you send e-mail with one of the free e-mail services you will not be taken seriously. Every person who professionally makes money on the Internet recognizes that the first thing that one should do is get a domain. One should never send e-mail to anyone with whom they seriously want to do business unless the e-mail is over a registered domain name.


Where to get a domain

There are literally thousands of places that you can go to go get a domain. Here are some options for you.

Register - Provides a domain with email and hosting.

Host Gator - Provides a free domain with hosting. You can add unlimited domains.