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The Poland Import/Export Chamber of Commerce gathers dispersed information regarding trade-related subjects concerning Poland and continuously updates free, easily accessible international multimedia sources of information regarding goods, trade and services for the benefit of entrepreneurs around the world. The Poland Import/Export Chamber's unique gateway makes it possible for anyone to find a needed supplier of goods or a distributor in Poland.

You can use this site to do market research, sell your products to Polish companies, find distributors, and agents, and to tell business executives visiting this site from places all over the world about your services.

You can also use it to buy Polish products. You get private, confidential buying services free when you are looking for a Polish supplier.

Any company interested in exporting, or setting up business in another country, needs a good understanding of the way that country works. That is why we are here to help you.

Each market has its special features and you can benefit from our experience. The business structure differs from one country to another. Mentalities differ, too, so prospecting new customers is not done in the same way in Germany, Sweden, Italy and the United States.

We want to share our knowledge of the Polish market with you. To show you how its activities are structured, how companies are distributed in terms of the number of employees, etc.



Warsaw, Poland is an international trade hub for the entire Eastern European region. And that is where we have our staff. They watch the flow of trade and know what is going on. You can benefit from their knowledge and experience.

There are two sides to our service. We help Polish companies export and we help foreign companies win customers and distributors in Poland and other international markets.

If you want to buy Polish products or have your products manufactured in Poland, you are invited to use our free search service. Tell us what you want, and we will have the factory contact you.

If you are looking for a product or service to buy, to invest in Poland, or to have your product manufactured in Poland, thank you for reading this introduction. Please just choose what you would like to do from the list in this drop down box.

We are ready to help you.

If You Want To Export Your Products To Poland

If you wish to have us help you trade with Poland and sell your products in Poland, there is a lot that we can do for you. To learn how, please read this information.

The Poland Import Export Chamber of Commerce on Line export service was founded to assist the marketing manager who is having difficulties in penetrating the Eastern European markets. Many companies have excellent products that can be sold in Eastern Europe but lack the necessary local information and understanding of the unique marketing techniques required to enter the Eastern European markets.

Unfortunately having a good product without the necessary marketing information and widespread distribution usually never leads to success. In fact, without the proper guidance, proper marketing tools and knowledge of the Eastern European markets, most companies fail to make any sales. They lose to competitors who have the required tools and who often have products not at good as the losing company.

As a result, many companies with good products and high potential never make it into the lucrative Eastern European markets. If they had the right assistance they could have become major suppliers to the Eastern and Near Eastern European markets that total over 350 million people.

The Poland Import Export Chamber of Commerce on Line helps by providing a window between Eastern European companies and others all over the world. The Chamber provides international companies the market entry tools that they require.

The Chamber has done the research. It has access to data on over 850,000 companies in Poland. It knows the major importers. It has done the research that it would take a foreign company years to do. The search time and costs that a foreign company would expend to duplicate the knowledge and distribution base that the chamber has is beyond the budget allocation of almost every company trying to enter these markets. By posting your products on the Chamber site you have the opportunity to sell your products immediately through thousands of retail stores, wholesale houses and internet web sites in Poland.

To do this the Chamber gives you the tools and access to its developed distribution system. The Chamber is a trade window that offers you a better way of entering the Eastern European markets, quickly, efficiently, and successfully.

You Can Use The Chamber's Marketing Power

We have been on line since 1995 and involved in international trade in Poland since 1991.

We have collected information and have invaluable experience that you can use. For your convenience it is laid out in various sections of this site.

And if you want professional help by professional people who know this market, my staff and I am ready to help you.

There are many services listed in this page that will help you. And my staff and I will help you. But I do ask one thing. Do not send me or anyone in this Chamber any unsolicted letters of introduction and do not send me or anyone in this Chamber any other offers to act as your commission agent. Please just follow the recommended procedures and you will find success.

Here is a very simple menu for you to conveniently find a service that you suits your needs.

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Gary Granai
Gary C.Granai

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