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What We Do At The Poland Chamber, Inc.

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Information about the activities of the Poland Chamber, Inc.

In general we help companies trading with Poland and focus for the most part on helping small Polish companies export their products.

Unlike most of the Chambers of commerce in Poland, we focus on export of Polish products rather than promoting the products of a specific country to be imported to Poland.

We recommend strongly that you first register your company and add your catalogs to our business register.

This is particularly important if you want to export your products to Poland because it is the only way that we really will get involved with helping you. We expect that you will use your own embassy in your own country's chambers of commerce for assistance in exporting to Poland.

Having said that:

As a private, non-government Chamber of Commerce, the Poland Chamber, Inc.:

  • provides you free information about doing business with Polish companies.

  • helps you find Polish products.

  • provides you small business and import export training.

  • provides registration services for foreign companies wishing to enter the Polish market.



What We Do Not Do

In order to prevent spam, we do not:

  • give out lists of importers.

  • circulate offers of companies wanting to enter the Polish market

  • provide contact information to any person or company.

Having reviewed what we will do and won't do, here is a page that tells you what we can do. But once again we emphasize that you should go to the image at the top right and register your company by adding a catalog to our catalog directory.