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Wholesale Amber Business Checklist

This is a checklist of those items that you should be sure to look at as you go forward with your wholesale Amber business.

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Rather than give you aFull discussion of each item in this page, we will refer you out to pages that cover each of the topics in detail.

You can print and use the content in this page as a cover page when you are creating your wholesale Amber business business plan.

Your Image

We put this one up top to emphasize the importance of establishing your image before you do anything else. It is very important that you understand that you have to be branding from day one. Here is information about your image.

Your First Website

As part of establishing your image you are going to need a website. But before you jump and waste a lot of money read this information.

How To Sell Wholesale To Stores.

Use this information to plan out which storage it you will sell and what you will sell to them.

Postcard Marketing

This is a very simple marketing technique that you can use to expand your business.

Buying Amber

Here is is information about the buying process.

Your Marketing Template

Here is information that you should include in your marketing section of your business plan.

Business Planning Guide

Here is a business planning guide that you can use to complete your a business plan.