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Wholesale Amber Jewelry

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How to get Amber Jewelry directly from factories in Poland.

Let us begin the process by looking at this from the side of the factories. Once you understand the problem then you will be better suited to be able to get Amber - and actually get a response from the factories.

the sales department of Amber companies are continually bombarded by requests for catalogs and requests for price lists.

All to often these requests are from people who have no interest in buying Amber or are just looking for price quotes so that they can price their products on Ali Baba and other wholesale sites. Additionally many of them are interested in catalogs so that they can duplicate the work done by these Amber factories.

As such, in many cases you have to justify to a factory why you want the information, who you are and be specific about just what you want.

At the bottom right of this page you can get catalogs. But once again so that we do not waste our time with people who are not really interested, there is a small fee involved. That small fee discourages those who factories would not communicate with anyway.

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But when it comes down to it, one of the first things that you should fully understand is how to complete a request for quotation and use a request for quotation when you are dealing with your Amber supplier, particularly when you're first starting to make a relationship. See Request For Quotation

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