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Wholesale Drop Shipping

Make money as a wholesale drop shipper selling Polish products.

dropship manufacturers list

You can approach wholesale drop shipping in a couple ways.

One way is to limit yourself to full container load shipping.

The second way is to aggregate small orders and to ship them into a fulfillment house for redistribution to smaller customers.

To use the second way you use a shipping company such as the firm expediter. Please note that we have absolutely no affiliation with his firm and use them as an example because they have just what you need. to make the remainder of this discussion more clear, it might benefit you to go to their website and review the information about distribution services. Distribution

But before you go, bookmark this site so you can get back here.

Of course you may want to continue to read this first before you go there. And do look at the dropship manufacturers list.


We have a short wholesale drop shipping marketing plan available if you wish it . To get it just send e-mail to us and we will send a free copy to you as a PDF attachment to an e-mail.

The biggest investment that you have to make as a wholesale drop shipper is an investment in time.

Yes you will put up a website, but that website will cost you a little more in your domain name. And once again we will show you how to do that.

in some cases you may wish to buy some small number of samples, but in many cases you will not be required to make any investment in any product.

If a customer wants to see samples, it is a matter of having the customer order the samples and pay for the shipping.

Once you make a good relationship with the supplier, you should be able to get the supplier to send samples to you free. That is simply a matter of a few building your reputation with the supplier.

Once again if you wish to pursue this, go to our free information page and send us information requesting the wholesale drop shipping package.