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About Wholesale Natural Baltic Amber Jewelry

natural baltic amber string

This page has a partial sampling of some of the natural Baltic amber productsthat are available through one supplier in Poland. There are many suppliers are natural Baltic amber products but over the years this supplier has proven himself reliable and the quality of the product has never been questioned by customers.

You will find two types of natural Baltic amber pieces in this election. There are those that are hand cut and hand polished and fashioned into necklaces and bracelets without any further modification.

There are also those pieces that genuine natural Baltic amberthat is heated and pressed into uniform shapes. These shapes are pure and without additives. This process is used because it is the only way that uniform shapes can be made.

We have a few videos online at Youtube that go into detail about beads and raw amber. These are quite informative and we recommend that you watch them. You can access them via Natural Baltic Amber.



If you are unfamiliar with the terminology aboutg genuine Baltic amber, please go to this link where there is a full discussion. About Amber And Types of Amber

This product is available wholesale only and is subject to order minimums.

Complete information about this product can be found in the Amber catalogs that you find when you click on Amber Catalogs.