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Wholesale Price Lists

How to get wholesale price lists from factories and distributors and information about buying directly from factories.

In general, wholesale price lists are not public information. They are not freely distributed. They are confidential information that is distributed only to legitimate customers and to those who have submitted complete requests for quotation.

Some factories do not even give out price lists to established customers. They give prices only on those items listed on a request for quotation. And as a general matter, those prices hold for only a limited time and are only for that quotation.

To submit a request for quotation you need a few things.

First you must show legitimacy. So you have to show that you are in business or are serious about starting a business.

Second you must know the company that can supply the product you want.

If you know the company, go to their web site and choose products from their offer or request catalog information. But if you do - SHOW LEGITIMACY or you will probably be ignored.

If you do not know a supplier we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you use a procurement service.

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