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Wholesale Products

Sources and suppliers of wholesale products in Poland.

drop shipping

If you wish to buy factory direct here are some recommended sources.

The Poland Chamber maintains a free service that you can use to request information from factories. The information that you offer is provided free to Polish factories and Polish factory Representatives. Factories that find your request interesting will respond to you. Free Product Information Service

If you are lookiing for products for your online business, the image to the right will take you to some very helpful information.

And that information is particularly important for those who are looking for something for an online store. The drop shipping model will solve most of your problems and reduce the amount of money that you must invest in inventory.



Wholesale Product Bulk And Drop Ship Suppliers

This is a list of sources for products that can be drop shipped as well as bought in bulk. They are third party sources that deal with factories all over the world.

Worldwide Brands

This directory is probably the most widely used directory by companies selling products online. It is extremely well done and the support behind it is excellent. It is a paid directory. But to any business this is well worth the investment.

Wholesale Pages

This directory was initially started to serve the United Kingdom market. But it has since expanded and provides excellent service along with a free market research Wizard. It is inexpensive, well-kept and very useful.


There are of course many other places to find wholesale products. But for the small business in particular, the directories above have many wholesale suppliers and the directory managements generally police the suppliers and eliminate those about which they get negative feedback. As such, they are good for small businesses.

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