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Wholesale Salt Lamps

The information in this page is about buying salt lamps wholesale. Actually, the information relates to buying directly from factories in Poland so the prices are less than the normal wholesale prices that you are quoted by importers and distributors.

Selling salt lamps is big business. And Poland has the highest quality salt lamps in the world. The salt comes from one mine in Poland. It is the only mine in the world that has the unique crystal used by Polish salt lamps that makes them so attractive .

You can import them directly from the factory and sell them wholesale to the many small businesses that want salt lamps but which are either unable or unwilling ot import enough to make the shipping affordable.

If you are going to import salt lamps directly from the factory, you must order at least a pallet load. That means that you must order enough lamps to occupy a volume of about one cubic meter.

When you order a pallet load, you can set your wholesale price competively. If you order less, the shipping cost per unit is so high that your wholesale price become non competitive.

polish salt lamp

In general, when buying lamps, it is best to stick to the traditional designs of smaller sizes. They generally turn over faster than the larger ones. But it is important to get enough of a selection that people take their time to choose among several.

There are pictures of salt lamps that you can buy wholesale at Rock Salt Crystal Lamps

To get wholesale prices, submit your requested at the Help Center.