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Wood Carved Figures From Poland

wood carved figures

When people come to Poland there are quite surprised to see the fantastic Polish wooden figures and other wood carvings that are sold in the markets in the major tourist areas around the country. The Polish figures are hand carved by generally in the Polish Tatra mountains. Many of these woodcarvers take their figures to the old town markets in Krakow, Warsaw and and Gdansk been where thy sell their woodcarvings and figures from traders tables directly to tourists..

The figures that these traders carve are generally traditional Polish figures ,

The carvings include boxes, birds and animals, dishes, and tankards.

Here is a picture of one particular wood carver's table that you can find every weekend in the old town market in Warsaw.

The man who works this table is a carver in his own right but he also acts as a wholesaler for many of the people who do not have the ability to make it to Warsaw or who do not have the marketing ability that he has.





If you are interested in adding something unique to your gift shop or even having a unique table at an outdoor market, set up an attention getting table with Polish wooden figures.

There are no catalogs and when you order you get pieces in the by category.

The buying process involves you discussing what you want with a buyer who will go to the Old Town in Warsaw and get the best price for the pieces that you want. Sometimes, because of weather and so on, the carver is not in Warsaw so the response time may be slow.

If your interested in purchasing wooden figures wholesale and want more information, you are invited to go to this link and tell us generally what you want. Someone will contact you and you can discuss details. Free Information Service