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Wooden Christmas Ornaments

wooden angels

Here is a collection of Christmas ornaments made from wood. Unlike the normal heavy bulky wood ornaments, these are light and refined because they are made from wood shavings.

Each is hand made by a small family owned Polish company that specializes in making fine gifts and Christmas ornaments.

In this page are two pictures of a company display that show collections of pieces offered by the company.

Note that you can get the balls packed in they typical Christmas ornament box with a clear panel in the top so they can be safely displayed.

In the pictures you will note some larger pieces gift wrapped in cellophane. Because of their fragile nature, such pieces are available only for purchase in Poland.

The wooden angels and Christmas trees are particularly attractive. They are, as are all the ornaments offered, finely done. But because of their nature, they get notable customer attention.



Because production is family owned and production of these is time and labor intensive, order minimums are low.

Likewise production is limited so you are not likely to see these in your local shopping mall.

wooden christmas ornaments

These ornaments fit any gift shop and are unique enough to sell all year round.

Note the two distinct ways the ornaments are displayed. At the top left they are hung on racks that make it easy for people to work through them and choose.

On the right, the ornaments are generally covered but supplemented by some small fast moving angels that are openly to easy examination.

Order minimums are low and you can order by the case. So you can order to test your market.

These are good products for fund raisers, school and church fairs and general gift shops as well as all year round Christmas shops.

Distributorships are available. See the general distributor information at Small Business Distribution.

For prices and catalog information, go to Polish Product Information Center