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Hand Carved Wooden Boxes

Hand carved wooden boxes from Poland wholesale.

Woodcarvers in the Polish Tatra Mountains make some of the most beautiful and unique wooden boxes in the world. The patterns, colors and designs of the wooden boxes are as varied as the number of carvers. But even though there is a great variety in the carving of the wooden boxes, the people are very proud of their carving traditions and they generally all do high quality work.

Polish wooden boxes are used for cigar humidors, jewelry, gift boxes and general decorative purposes. One of the most popular, however, are wooden jewelry boxes for presentations and gifts.


There are many designs, shapes and forms of Polish wooden boxes.Polish wooden jewlery and gift boxes are hand assembled and hand carved.There are also some small factories that make boxes for commercial and gift use.


The boxes shown here are made by people who work and live in the Polish Tatra Mountains. The box carvers either carve boxes to pattern or make their own designs and sell them to wholesalers and major distributors in Poland.

 This Polish wooden box is quite popular and is typical of what many people use for jewelry storage. Box 66991For gifts or storage, wooden jewlery box 67312 is perfect for the task.Wooden Box 67509 is a favorite little storage box.  This is an all purpose box.
This wooden box 67954 is an excellent storage box.A small round wooden box that is often used for gifts of earrings. Box 67397The flat wooden boxes like this number 68325 sell very well.

You can have wooden boxes custom-made to your design. You can also have boxes designed specifically created with unique patterns by a wood carver. Because of the difficulty in setting up to make a custom box that is satisfying to a particular customer, wholesalers who deal directly with the carvers generally require minimums of 100 to 500 boxes of any one particular design.

These wooden boxes sell extremely well in gift shops and in shops that sell jewelry. Many people when they buy jewelry take the next step and buy a nice wooden box rather than to buy a paper gift box. And if something is bought for a corroborate gift, a wooden box makes all the difference in appearance.

There are also commercial factories that make presentation boxes and other special use items. They will gladly entertain your requests for product.

If you would like information about the wholesale purchase of these wooden jewelry boxes and other hand carved wooden boxes or special purpose commercial boxes from Poland you are invited to go to this link and enter the information about sure particular desires. Because of large number of people who make boxes and work through independent wholesalers you have a good chance of being contacted by a variety of people. Prices And Factory Contact

We have provided you some typical pictures of wooden boxes. If you have particular requirements and want a custom designed for you please be sure to use the link above.

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