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Work At Home Business Opportunities

About legitimate work at home business opportunities.

There are two basic approaches to making money on a work at home basis.

One it to work with a community and use systems provided by that community. One such community is SiteSell.

People who march through the training and follow the procedures tend to do quite well. One reason is that there is a lot of group support that helps to keep people motivated. Being self starters, we do not use SiteSell. But it might be just the thing for you. Before you jump into something, do take the time to review it. Site Sell.

The second basic approach is an independent, micro-business strategy.

Most marketers following this second approach use drop shipping in one form or another for order fulfillment. They understand its power and use in well.

Actually, drop shipping is the internet business enabler. Without it, there would be many less businesses online.

Work at home people should study drop shipping thorougly before they start a business. Here are two publications that will get you started.

Drop Shipping On A Budget

A focused approach to setting up one form of micro-business based on drop shipping Amazon products. A very good piece for someone really worried about starting a business.

The Drop Ship Guide

This covers drop shipping A - Z. If you have decided to start a home business, this one covers many forms using drop shipping. This is a classic now in its 6th edition.

And here is a practical application related to an Amazon Store


Important Business Note

Regardless of the type internet based business you are going to form, to succeed, you must put together a business plan and follow that plan. That is critcially important. Here is a link tol an Internet Business Planning Guide.


Other Business Ideas


Wholesale Watch Distribution

You can work this one from the web or work offline. Both work from your home.