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WR Unikat Polish Pottery

wr unikat polish pottery

The WR Unikat Factory makes a very popular line of Boleslawiec Polish Pottery. Information about WR Unikat, the product, catalogs and how to order it is in this page.

Unikat is a Polish word meaning unique. Unikat is an apt description for the Polish pottery made by this factory, WR Unikat. It is a very high quality and well made product.

WR Unikat has over 20 years experience in the ceramics industry. It, like many other factories in the Boleslawiec region, located there because of the high quality clay that is available to make the special Polish pottery stoneware that comes from the region. For years they made high quality ceramics and did not get into the traditional Polish pottery tableware market. But due to a booming market for Polish pottery, they entered the market. And when they did, they entered with a new concept in design. Their decision was to make a Unikat product. Hence the product trade name, WR Unikat.

Polish pottery from WR Unikat are hand painted in unique, flowery patterns. They have a large selection and you may even order your own custom designs, provided you, of course, meet factory minimums.

The company prides itself on quality and service. All products are microwave, oven, dishwasher and freezer safe. All products sold are first grade.



There are many exciting patterns from which you may choose. To see the patterns, click here.WR Unikat Patterns.

For your convenience, we have included in this web site pictures of some of the Polish pottery products offered by WR Unikat. You are invited to look at what they have to offer.




You can get Polish pottery catalogs at this link.




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