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Your First Website

From the first day that you consider starting a business you have to be concerned about branding. And branding will have a significant impact on your marketing program and ultimately your success.

Your first website should be the first step that you take towards branding and defining your image.

In that light, do not contact suppliers, affiliate program managers or anyone else with whom you intend to do business until you have your first website in place.

You should ALWAYS look professional or be ignored by these people. Following the recommendations in this page as to your first website you will look professional. And above all, serious.

Your first website should not be your money website.

Your first website will later be used to promote your money website -when you eventually make it - to drive people to your eBay listings, to promote your e-commerce store, to build your mailing lists, to help you avoid eBay fees, and to improve the search engine position of your money website.

Your first website will initially be used to define your web presence. Later it will do a lot more.

It is a building block in your marketing program.

In the beginning is is a business card and introduction on the web. It is like a phone book listing. You put it up you tell the people who you are, what you do, where you are located, and what you plan to do. It defines you as someone serious.

When you later put up your money website, you link your first website to your money website. Then you start making changes to this first website to use it as an integral - and very important - part of your marketing program.

To put up your first website all that you need is a website host. If you choose the proper website hosts you will get a free domain name, free website templates, and a simple way to set up a WordPress blog. Yes a blog. It is very important that you do this. See Product Blog

It will cost you someone around $60 per year for a website host. It may cost a little more but in any case you can assume that your first website will cost you somewhere between 5 and $10 per month.

And that is all that it should cost you. With that small expenditure you can start your branding program and look professional

When you decide to put up your money site you have two ways that you can do it.

For about $10, one time payment, you can get a new domain and put your new money website on the server of the website host for which you have already paid.

That means your money website will cost you but $10. You do not have to hire consultants, designers and so on. You can use the free templates and editors that come with your hosting account. And you can use Wordpress. See Top Money Making Businesses to see how it is done.

If you decide that you want to put up a large e-commerce store that will allow you to sell in something like the Yahoo Shopping Network, then you will have to pay for a different form of hosting.

We recommend strongly throughout our series that you use the Yahoo Shopping Network, and the Yahoo Merchant Services for you are e-commerce store. Here is a link to one of the best books on the subject. Online Store Profits

In summary, start with a small wordpress blog as a business card and then move on from there.

Here are some useful resources that will help you make decisions and move forward.

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