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Zawiercie Crystal Glasses From Poland

Huta Szkla Gospodarczego Zawiercie

A Polish Tradition Since 1884

Crystal glasses are the in the forefront of your visitors eyes. And these glasses are what you want them to see. These glasses are famous the world over.

zawiercie crystal glasses

There are several glass forms available and each comes in several patterns. Blanks are available. Shown here are the most popular items.

This company is the main supplier of crystal glasses in Poland. In fact it supplies blanks to other companies which in turn cut and pattern and resell under their own brand name.

You can do the same. But do please be advised, that if you wish a special form to your own design, you must pay, in advance, the development costs. The factory does not work on speculation.

In this site is full information about the Zawiercie products. And all the forms available are shown in the crystal catalogs that you can get through the links in this site.



Below is information about the various popular patterns.

All products from this factory are subject to order minimums.


Traditional Crystal Glass Pieces and Patterns


Click on a picture to enlarge it.
zawiercie crystal glasses
Monica ZA890-ST.139
zawiercie crystal glasses 3
Monica ZA890-IA247
zawiercie crystal glasses 4
Monica ZA890-IA247
zawiercie crystal glasses 1
Monica ZA890-ZA1562
zawiercie crystal glasses 2
Monica ZA890-ZA1562
zawiercie crystal glasses 7
Windsor ZA1129-IA247
zawiercie crystal glasses 5
Windsor ZA1129-1961
zawiercie crystal glasses 6
Windsor ZA1129-St.2277
zawiercie crystal glasses 8
Windsor ZA1129-ZA1523/3


polish crystal catalogs

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